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Baba Ramdev on the war against Corruption

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Baba Ramdev is the most famous yoga guru around the world. His each action speaks louder than anything. His speech is listen by all common people in India. So when he went to fast, it shakes up the country. Government is trying to act like a deaf and blind but the reality is that they are even afraid of this.

Today when Ramdev is near to death, Government must be thinking about their action twice. Government knows that its impossible for them to bribe Ramdev as well as make any case against him. Ramdev has always being out of any fraud and thats why he earned so much of popularity. Now, when the government says that they are thinking about the next move, people feel restless and are hoping to see the things shaping up in the favor of Baba ramdev.

There is no way of raising a question on the motive of Baba Ramdev, as he has always worked for the common people and has always shown the clean act and worked for the real development. When i say real development. it means that a place free of pollution, chemicals and poverty. He plan to make India a better place, where all have a healthy life to live.

On the other hand, there is a doubt in the minds of people that he was suppose to form a political party and its a beginning. But they should think that there is a requirement of people who have the power of changing the corrupt system to a system of people.

So, I support Baba Ramdev as i believe he is doing good for the nation and will make India a better place to live.

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Bigg Boss ka hai game, life is not the same

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Government ask “Bigg Boss” and “Rakhi Ka Insaaf” to change their telecast timing to 11PM or after due to the content not suitable for prime time audience. Its a debate-able topic since we cannot say that whether Government should monitor or not.

Government should monitor:

1. There is censor board for monitoring film content so there should be monitoring of TV content.

2. Pamela entry is good but the dress she was wearing was against the Indian culture and should not be publicize. Moving the time to 11 will prevent it from teen age who may get addicted to such kind of fashion.

3. Politics and violence shown is not good for the teen age which may begin to compare their friends with bigg boss house-mates and ruined their life.

Government should NOT monitor:

1. The audience which is largely effected that is rural watch DD not cable TV. Rural are people who get easily convinced and may follow them. Since its access is most in the Urban Area it may not affect them must.

2. KBC comes at same time as Bigg Boss-4 so there is an option to switch. People who feels that Bigg Boss content not good for their family may watch KBC.

3. From the TRP its a clear indication Bigg Boss is more of a metro choice, so they are educated enough to understand because they face such cultural twist a lot in their daily life.

Even “Emotional Attyachar” which show nudity content is telecast at 7.00PM is not being asked to shift. Roadies and Split Villa were telecast at 7.00PM on MTV were not asked to move and they did not affected the teenage. I feel that people have understood what is good for them and they know how to make a choice and watch the show which interest them and their family. So we should give people the choice to opt for the TV show they want to watch.

So in the end, i can say that monitoring must be to some extend but a show like Bigg Boss which tries to monitor by its own should be allowed at prime time.

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Future of Rediff

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Rediff is one of the oldest internet company in India. Rediffmail and Rediffbol are one of the most popular mail service and chat messenger in the history, respectively. But in the last four years company has seen only downfall but recently they have seen the upside. The reason for reduction in loss is mainly because of their new move to enter into mobile.

At the beginning of 2010, when Rediff revamped there homepage and mail service, it was for sure they have mobile as the main focus. And with the recent revamped Rediffmail NG and new push mail service at Rs. 50 shows that they will now be more mobile.

The idea of Rediff going mobile is good for the future keeping in mind that India has more mobiles than computer and laptops. Also 3G will boost the web on mobile with range of  smart-phones in the market. Rediff use to be popular among the students and hence targeting mobile might help them to stay with Facebook and Gmail which has become the web youth icons.

Rediff has realize the fact that “For rediff to win, there is no need for google and facebook to loose” . Hence all three can survive with their next generation products.

Zorpia: An emerging social network – A Review

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Zorpia is the social network build by Mr. Jeffrey. Zorpia has a unique verifying way, each user need to get his picture holding his user name in his hand. Zorpia is one of the fastest emerging social network with some good features and some features missing.

Good Features:

1. Social Games: Its has a gaming section where we have several games. Its not as good as Facebook but better than the rest.

2. Music: This section is unique as not seen in any social network. The “Most Played” section is cool as it helps to get an idea what others are listening.

3. Photo Tool: One of the best photo tools. After status update, Photo is the most important part of social activity.

Features Missing:

1. Private Space: All data is of the Zopians, but we need data mostly of our friends . More work need to be done on that.

2. Too Heavy: Zorpia need to learn the lesson from others (Both Google and Facebook got the early advantage because they were the lightest and hence fastest in search engine and social network respectively).

3. Require Revamped: The looks are too confusing and we need to scroll a lot to get our essential things unlike Facebook where we get all things handy.

I hope “fokfok” is reading this and will improve the overall Zorpia.

Rediffmail revamped: Rediffmail NG – The NEXT GENERATION

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Rediff is all set to make a comeback and get all users back from Ymail and Gmail. Rediff with the launch Rediffmail NG provide a cheap push mail at Rs.50.


Good Points of Rediffmail NG:

1. Faster and Sleek: With the use of Ajax its now faster and better service. Its sleek design give a feel of faster and easy to use look.

2. Send SMS: Now you can send SMS from your inbox, no need to go to any specific site to send sms.

3. Themes: Like Gmail themes, now Rediffmail also have a collection of themes.

4. Tab Features: Like Ymail tab feature, we can easily do multi-tasking using tab feature of Rediffmail.

5. Auto-Forward Mail: Now you can forward all your mails to another email id automatically.

6. Push Mail: Not at just Rs.50 you can get the push mail on your Microteck phone. Even on Android, Blackberry and Symbians etc.

In short, Rediff has worked well and combine some useful features from Gmail and Ymail. Rediffmail is now ready to compete with them in the market.


Bad Points of Rediffmail NG:

1. Compatibility Issue: It works well on IE 8, Firefox 3.6.10, Chome 7, Flock 3 and Epic 1.1 but have design issues in Opera 10.63. Hope will rectified soon.

2.  Chat within Inbox Missing: Chat from Inbox is one of the feature in demand these days as we cannot waste time in installing the chat messenger on every system (home and office) we use. Gmail chat got so popular that Google stop working on Gtalk.

3.  Lab Feature Missing: People needs to do experiment and want something new. Gmail gives them with the new feature every week and also give them a choice to use or not. This helps Google to analyze the user preference and work on that. Also give a choice to user to select what he wants. This should be included.

All these features are a requirement of next generation so hope that will be included soon.


United States VS Indian Internet Companies

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I thought of comparing the US internet companies with Indian internet companies. There is no comparison between them as US companies earn lots more and are more innovative where as Indian companies are lazy and less innovative. The comparison is done by selecting the US internet company and comparing it with the Indian internet company having similar traits.

1. MSN VS SIFY: Both companies consider their internet business as secondary and most of the revenue comes from other business. Still MSN takes lots of effort in making internet business profitable with its product like Windows Live, Hotmail and Bing. Whereas Sify has a deal with google for Mail and Search, hence focus only on news. Since there are better news sites so Sify will not survive long where as Microsoft’s MSN will emerge as one of the leader in Internet industry and profit making business with its aggressive product line up.

2. YAHOO VS INDIATIMES: Both of them are more of a portal with news, local content and services, Indiatimes runs on its news content and Yahoo has popular mail service. Both are a brand and has a high reach to the consumer. Yahoo is searching for a partner that brings some more value to the site so that they can enter and dominate in different areas of online services. Whereas Indiatimes is happy with their business are in no mood to do experiment that might make them less innovative and may lose the market share.

3. GOOGLE VS REDIFF: Both were the startups. Google started when internet was penetrating US and Rediff when internet started its penetration in India. Google turn out to be the biggest global internet company where as Rediff became popular in India but from last four years losing its market. Rediff lost its market share not only because Google’s Gmail and Orkut were gaining popularity but also Rediff kept on sleeping and did not brought innovation at the right time. Rediff was lazy and did not bring Chat within Inbox and a social network. If Rediff has done that they must have beaten Google.

4. AOL VS IN: Both the companies work as the subsidy. Both have a good mail service which may turn out their strongest point. IN has one of the best news network where as AOL has bought many startups like tech blog TechCrunch. IN has the potential to be one of the global internet companies if it continues to put innovations.

5. FACEBOOK VS IBIBO: There are several social network but lets compare the US company Facebook which is global number one (and also number one in India) and Indian (JV of China and Brazil) Ibibo which is most popular Indian social networking site in India. Both of them give several apps and have chat features. Ibibo has integrates mail, so Facebook has better seach technology to connect the people to friends, brands and adds. Facebook is more innovative and owner is 25 years old so you can understand the aggressive nature of this site. Facebook has given Google and Yahoo a run for their money and market whereas Ibibo has not made such a big impact. Facebook connect and integration is used by several sites including Yahoo and Windows Live and even Ibibo whereas Ibibo so not have any such integrations and popularity.