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Bigg Boss ka hai game, life is not the same

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Government ask “Bigg Boss” and “Rakhi Ka Insaaf” to change their telecast timing to 11PM or after due to the content not suitable for prime time audience. Its a debate-able topic since we cannot say that whether Government should monitor or not.

Government should monitor:

1. There is censor board for monitoring film content so there should be monitoring of TV content.

2. Pamela entry is good but the dress she was wearing was against the Indian culture and should not be publicize. Moving the time to 11 will prevent it from teen age who may get addicted to such kind of fashion.

3. Politics and violence shown is not good for the teen age which may begin to compare their friends with bigg boss house-mates and ruined their life.

Government should NOT monitor:

1. The audience which is largely effected that is rural watch DD not cable TV. Rural are people who get easily convinced and may follow them. Since its access is most in the Urban Area it may not affect them must.

2. KBC comes at same time as Bigg Boss-4 so there is an option to switch. People who feels that Bigg Boss content not good for their family may watch KBC.

3. From the TRP its a clear indication Bigg Boss is more of a metro choice, so they are educated enough to understand because they face such cultural twist a lot in their daily life.

Even “Emotional Attyachar” which show nudity content is telecast at 7.00PM is not being asked to shift. Roadies and Split Villa were telecast at 7.00PM on MTV were not asked to move and they did not affected the teenage. I feel that people have understood what is good for them and they know how to make a choice and watch the show which interest them and their family. So we should give people the choice to opt for the TV show they want to watch.

So in the end, i can say that monitoring must be to some extend but a show like Bigg Boss which tries to monitor by its own should be allowed at prime time.

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