Next Step: Integration of email in Social Network

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Facebook and Twitter became popular because they brought innovations like Real Time Update that redefines the way of social networking. Twitter is still busy in bringing new ways to make money. Such spirit of  innovation makes them the new leader of Internet which was earlier dominated by Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL (News Corp).

But what next. We may see that now we see integration of services with Social Network.

1. Think you get the facility to check mail either or, by login your facebook account. Integration of email account is possible soon. Myspace, Ibibo and Itimes already have this facility.

2. May be we see new apps coming and apps no longer be called games and quizzes. We may see Mail, Maps, Search, blogging etc. apps so that we can use them from sitting at our social network.

There might be much more innovative things happing to social networks. I am so confident that there have to be some more innovative thing happening soon is due to recent rapid changes in social networks.

1. Lets begin with MySpace: We use to add friends and send them messages, get there birthday reminders and join some groups.

2. Then came Orkut: Lets users send some open messages knows as “Scraps” which can be read by others friends and social life became more open.

3. Now Facebook: They gave the plateform to update our status which is dispayed on ever friend’s page so they are not require to visit each one profile to know what happening and all of them comment sitting at there own home page. Its make the web “Real Time” which is the hottest topin on internet. Facebook also brought the trends of apps like Apple did in mobile phones. As apps start making huge profit from the add revenue, this concept become very popular. Now all major social networks have these apps.

Now this is very clear that you need to bring something new and innovative to survive in the world of social network.


Email registration at reopens on 25th October

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In response to query, informed that the registration for their mail service will reopens on 25th of October. Recently they were not accepting any new registration due to the ongoing process of their email service revamp. Now it will be interesting to see that what we get once this service get revamped. I am hoping lots more services like Web 18 gives lots of innovative services in its mail inbox like future mail, apps, etc.

Now Internet depends on four major growth driver: Mail, Social, Search and News. Most of Indian Internet companies focuses on News and Email. I hope that they will realize the importance of social network and will make one or fund the startups. In the near future we may see more Indian startups in the market due to increase in the Internet penetration in India.

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Indiatimes mail do not have the rich version working

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Now when Internet companies are focusing more on social, Email, News, Search and going Mobile, Indiatimes is missing this driver of growth. They have brought innovation to their offerings but if they lag behind the main growth drivers then will lose the growth momentum.

When social networks like MySpace and Ibibo are integrating their social web with email facility then how could Indiatimes do not take its email seriously. Yahoo, which also have news as one of the main growth driver, also focus on its email then why Indiatimes do not take it that seriously. Rediff also make the mark because of its email service and later news. Now Rediff has lost its market share due to lack of focus on its email service.

Indiatimes offer only basic HTML version of email (as its rich version do not work). In this era where we want more than just email, this will not be able to make a mark. Their social networking site, Itimes, offers integrated social and email facility is not at all popular. They have the largest selling daily, business and weekly newspaper but do not publicize their products. Indiatimes Mail has no potential if they do not work to improve it.

Indiatimes has a huge amount of potential as they are very popular among news reader but they need to make their product well equipped to hold the users as they have whole lots of potential to attract the user to use their product at least once.

Rediff and Sify are you listening, its the time to get listed

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Usually it is said that company get listed when they need money but more money is never a bad (Info-edge knows it best). So Indian web companies should get listed on Stock Exchanges in India. This will not only give them money but also make them sounding familiar company. It has been seen that the listed company become more popular in consumer segment and its easy for them to expand. Enterprises also prefer the solutions and services from the listed company as they can trust more on them.

Hence its the perfect time for Rediff and Sify to get listed like other Indian web companies like Info-edge,, etc. This will not only give them cash but will make them popular among the Indian Enterprises.

Rediff should utilize cash gain from IPO in:

1. Improving “Rediffmail” service

2. Building a good search engine (or having a tie-up in search which can earn them more cash)

3. Improve “Rediff Page” and make it more social.

4. Utilize in services like Blog, Song Buzz, Maps, etc.

Zorpia – Emerging Social Network OR Spamster

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Zorpia is the social networking site of China now going global. Its the site that is gaining market in India. Last month, according to Comscore PerfSpot was top 10 social network in India which was a surprise for all internet news networks. I feel that this time its going to be Zorpia.

Tactic used by Zorpia:
1. When ever you invite any of your friend Zorpia start spamming there mail boxes by sending invites more than trice a day.
2. Several people (more than 5/day) will send you request whom you do not know.
These all tactics look like use by a spammer.
I am writing this blog as Zorpia gets most of its traffic from India. Since India is the key market for them and Indian cares a lot about there privacy and security, they need to be more careful.
Since it is the startup by a youngster Jeffrey in 2003 when he was in college (Like Facebook story but not a similar success story) and now he is 27. But the team managing it looks litter bit weak and needs to work harder to reduce spams and upgrade security to make there site a better place to have a social networking.

Country and Percent of Site Traffic

India Flag India 64.7%

Pakistan Flag Pakistan 5.1%

Nigeria Flag Nigeria 1.7%

Egypt Flag Egypt 1.4%

Qatar Flag Qatar 1.3%

China Flag China 1.3%

Sudan Flag Sudan 1.2%

Iran Flag Iran 1.0%

Japan Flag Japan 0.9%

Kuwait Flag Kuwait 0.9%

Sweden Flag Sweden 0.8%

Iraq Flag Iraq 0.7%

Romania Flag Romania 0.6%

Myanmar Flag Myanmar 0.6%


Green Ganesh – A new spirit of festival

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When people say that the grandness of the festival is reduced because of the environment ministry. I ask them that they like Ganesha statue going in dirty water. I ask them that they like the sea to be so bad that not only fishes dies but also Ganesha says that he do not want to go inside that. I feel that no one want to make the sea dirty and will follow the go green revolution.

Environment is very big issue today and is even bigger to food security. As food security can be achieved by increasing the productivity but saving environment requires a long term planning and measures have to be taken today to save tomorrow. So, effort of making festivals green is surely a good step and should be appreciated.

Earlier we do not use to have such a large population and damages to the environment can be heal itself but now due to large population damages to environment are bigger so we need to take measure to heal them and also to control any further damage. So, making festival green not only bring a new spirit but also makes us secure from any environment trouble.

Ozone layer is healing its hole by himself as 200 countries have band the CF gases. Such steps are appreciated and give benefits to society after sometime. Hence the steps taken today to celebrate festivals in a greener way will make future more brighter and better.

In the end, I will say that celebrate festival in a way that the happiness last long and that can be achieve by taking the steps that helps to make Earth a better place to live in a longer run.

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Apna Circle Revamp: New look is better and faster

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Apna Circle Pvt. Ltd. JV with Viadeo-Tianji runs a career networking site “apnacircle“. Apna Circle has been revamp today. Now its faster and sleek. The look is more organized and easy to use interface is implemented. Earlier we need to discover new features by surfing which earn a point but in return we loose time, but now they all are in front of our eyes and very handy to use.

LinkedIn which is the global best in career networking is very heavy to use but have plenty of features that make it the best. Since Apnacircle is Indian local site will not make that big impact globally but if given good features then it may gain share in India because of being lighter. Indian has lesser penetration of broadband and hence faster up-loadable sites are preferred especially in colleges where the speed is very low. Remember that career networking start from college so it can be very important.

ApnaCircle when launched in 2006 was advertised and later 2008-09 when it merged with Viadeo-Tianji, after that its not so very few know about it and its profit. Ibibo which has gain a name because of its aggressive advertisement on television. Even Google, Yahoo and Bing use TV as an important medium to advertise in USA. Here in India, Yahoo, Rediff, Ibibo and Zapak has used it and hence they are popular in urban areas in India and make money. also because of its aggressive marketing gain market share over Rediff in India. Thus marketing is the best way to earn. Till the time you do not invest you will not be paid for that.

ApnaCircle and other indian start-ups need to realize this and should start marketing there product and get listed to stock exchange like InfoEdge, TIL etc