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Zorpia: An emerging social network – A Review

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Zorpia is the social network build by Mr. Jeffrey. Zorpia has a unique verifying way, each user need to get his picture holding his user name in his hand. Zorpia is one of the fastest emerging social network with some good features and some features missing.

Good Features:

1. Social Games: Its has a gaming section where we have several games. Its not as good as Facebook but better than the rest.

2. Music: This section is unique as not seen in any social network. The “Most Played” section is cool as it helps to get an idea what others are listening.

3. Photo Tool: One of the best photo tools. After status update, Photo is the most important part of social activity.

Features Missing:

1. Private Space: All data is of the Zopians, but we need data mostly of our friends . More work need to be done on that.

2. Too Heavy: Zorpia need to learn the lesson from others (Both Google and Facebook got the early advantage because they were the lightest and hence fastest in search engine and social network respectively).

3. Require Revamped: The looks are too confusing and we need to scroll a lot to get our essential things unlike Facebook where we get all things handy.

I hope “fokfok” is reading this and will improve the overall Zorpia.


Zorpia – Emerging Social Network OR Spamster

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Zorpia is the social networking site of China now going global. Its the site that is gaining market in India. Last month, according to Comscore PerfSpot was top 10 social network in India which was a surprise for all internet news networks. I feel that this time its going to be Zorpia.

Tactic used by Zorpia:
1. When ever you invite any of your friend Zorpia start spamming there mail boxes by sending invites more than trice a day.
2. Several people (more than 5/day) will send you request whom you do not know.
These all tactics look like use by a spammer.
I am writing this blog as Zorpia gets most of its traffic from India. Since India is the key market for them and Indian cares a lot about there privacy and security, they need to be more careful.
Since it is the startup by a youngster Jeffrey in 2003 when he was in college (Like Facebook story but not a similar success story) and now he is 27. But the team managing it looks litter bit weak and needs to work harder to reduce spams and upgrade security to make there site a better place to have a social networking.

Country and Percent of Site Traffic

India Flag India 64.7%

Pakistan Flag Pakistan 5.1%

Nigeria Flag Nigeria 1.7%

Egypt Flag Egypt 1.4%

Qatar Flag Qatar 1.3%

China Flag China 1.3%

Sudan Flag Sudan 1.2%

Iran Flag Iran 1.0%

Japan Flag Japan 0.9%

Kuwait Flag Kuwait 0.9%

Sweden Flag Sweden 0.8%

Iraq Flag Iraq 0.7%

Romania Flag Romania 0.6%

Myanmar Flag Myanmar 0.6%